200 Miglia del Mugello


200 Miglia del Mugello - 1

200 Miglia del Mugello - Endurance GP

A race for the truest riders, where technical skills and intelligence, experience and team spirit counts the most.
The true essence of the endurance. A race by now in the tradition of the italian motorbike racing, the last competition before the winter break.
The teams are formed by a good mix of professional riders and gentlemen'ts riders, bothe italians and internationals.
A maximum of 3 riders in each team, each of them can join using his own bike (both 600 and 1000 cc are admitted).
It's not a race comparable to the Endurance world championship.
The regulation apt the use of bikes generally used for sprint races on traditional tracks, without the need of specialized devices such as padded tanks, fast security refuelling devices and gears for fast pit stops.
It's a race in which the result is built on the strategy, on the right balance skills between the physical and mechanical efforts, as well as on the promptness and accuracy of the choices, of the changes and of the pit stops.
The lap time moves to the background in front of a wider vision of the 200 miles to ride.

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