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The Mugello marathon is the oldest marathon of Italy, and one of the most ancient of Europe and the whole world. It has arrived to it's 46th edition.

This year, for it's 46th birthday there will be some news, the 22nd of September in Borgo San Lorenzo, starting with the date, the race will start on the Sunday morning at 9:45 instead than the traditional Saturday afternoon.

The second new regards the route, which has been modified back to it's original state like the very beginning of this marathon. The "new" route of 42 km, has it's starting grid from Borgo San Lorenzo, passing through Vicchio, San Piero a Sieve, Scarperia, it follows the outside of the Mugello circuit and arrives to Luco. it then has it's finishing line back to Borgo San Lorenzo.
This track will give the possibility to the runners to pass through all the historical centre of the Mugello valley.

The final new of this new edition concerns the " Intermezzo" race which will be competitive this year, and the length will pass from 30 to 24 km, it will start together with the marathon from Borgo San Lorenzo, it will arrive to Vicchio and get back to Borgo to it's finishing line.

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