Scoppio del Carro


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The party from which the current “Explosion of the Cart” officially became public in 1102, when the Pazzi family enjoyed great fame and prestige among the Florentines, in virtue of honors collected from Pazzino during the First Crusade (1096). In 1478, the failed attempt to overthrow the Medici cost the Pazzi family the loss of all wealth and privilege, and exile from Florence. From that moment on, the preparation and celebration of the ceremony of the vehicle – richly decorated and pulled by oxen – became the task of the Signoria. The celebration of this festival has remained the same time, the chariot, which dates back to the eighteenth century, is driven by colorful beribboned oxen from Porta al Prato since the square of the Duomo. At the center of the wagon is fixed the wire on which the slide dove, while the church of the Holy Apostles the procession of the clergy who will come up to the Baptistery, which are to start the sacred functions. At noon, the dove runs along the wire leaving a trail of smoke along the central nave of the cathedral. Then reaches the wagon, where it ignites the fireworks, finally, to return to the starting point. After a few moments on the bandwagon hundreds of light-colored smoke, accompanied by whistles and bangs, while on the top that lights up the windmill at the end of his rounds, with a loud bang, it opens like the petals of a lily. Therefore appear four small banners with the insignia of Florence, ancient family of the Pazzi, the Arte della Lana, and, currently, as a sign of peace in the world, including the United Nations.

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